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If you frequently purchase airfares online, you'll know that once your reservation is complete then typically you're locked in and committed. At this point most airfares are simply non-refundable, or otherwise carry large cancellation fees. With our Best Price Guarantee you can avoid both scenarios and save without hesitation!

Find an airfare deal on our site, select a Best Price Guarantee for just $14.99 per person, then rest easy knowing your cheap flights have been secured, whilst still being fully refundable without penalty within the same day.

The $14.99 fee will be charged per person and will be payable at the time the reservation is made. Once fulfilled, the BPG fee cannot be cancelled, nor refunded, at anytime.

If you select the BPG option (at a fee of $14.99 per person), the following terms and conditions apply:

You may cancel any flight-only reservation within same day of booking and receive a full refund (excluding the $14.99 fee per person). * If you find a lower price on the same flights, or you’ve noticed that the airfare drops, within same day of booking you can cancel and receive a full refund (excluding the $14.99 fee).


This was my first time using Farehunts, and I was able to purchase 5 tickets for $300 cheaper than prices offered on any other site. A representative George even called me after my bank held funds because of large amount to assure that I got the flights, and didn't lose my seats for that low price because the payment was pending. He was so helpful. This site I will use to purchase all my flights for now on.

Jonquell Moet

I found the process very smooth and where I had questions, I was connected to an agent almost immediately (I called three times with different questions - in one instance, I mis-keyed my credit card information, which they immediately corrected on-line). Prices were very competitive, and I definitely plan to use them again. I haven't experienced any unexpected cancellations as a couple of the reviewers have stated. Let's hope it stays that way.

Gary Blum

first time dealing with Farehunts...experience excellent..lowest airline price available and speady transaction.

James Billia

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